Lesvos, Molyvos Beach, Greece, 2016

A few words

I have witnessed the dawn of the World Wide Web from the moment HTTP arose from the depths of CERN and made the path for the first Internet browser - Mosaic. Since then, both myself and the World Wide Web have changed, but while i a have reached my middle age, the Web is still in its infancy. It is constantly shaping, and interaction with it, adds to a sum of experiences that  sweep more and more across the spectrum of human activities. While at first as users we were only recipients of Web content, now we are also transmitting content, either by just exposing ourselves (social networking) or by showcasing all kinds of our work.
The best thing of all, is that in the majority of cases, the monetary cost is (almost) zero. All  of my personal Web Space that you are now visiting costs me nothing more but the time i spend for it. Yes, time can be perceived as money, but not only as a cost, but as a profit also. Looking back at my professional career, i cannot but acknowledge that i have not beem engaged professionally in my field of studies, and the majority of my jobs was highly related with Information Technology and the WWW.
I live FROM and IN the World Wide Web.